SE Asia is the world’s largest protein meal import market used for livestock, causing serious concerns around food security and climate change

20 million t/y of protein meal imports
For the livestock industry, representing 68% of SE Asia consumption, with most imports from Brazil and Argentina

4 million t/y in additional imports
By 2032 to meet protein meal shortfall, due to rising SE Asia population and increasing per-capita meat consumption

57% higher prices
For alternative protein meals* in SE Asia since the start of covid, caused by pandemic restrictions, conflict, climate change and rising competition

GreenSage Innovations offers the only scalable and economical process available today that can convert agricultural waste into feed and fuel that can replace SE Asia imports

Proprietary GreenFerm process technology
GreenFerm is a proprietary process to convert non-food waste materials into high value, green chemistry products

Exclusive access to patents and enzymes
GreenSage Innovations has exclusive access to patents and unique enzymes that converts fiber from local agricultural by-products into high demand bio-products

Near-zero discharge system
GreenFerm treats and utilizes residues and effluents to maximize productivity while minimizing waste treatment and costs

Management team of international experts
Our world leading experts have decades of expertise in fermentation-based bioconversion processes to turn waste biomass into feed, food and fuel

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